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2021 Flea Market Wrap Up

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2021 Flea Markets.

The spring flea market made above $5,300 and the fall flea market made above

$6,500. The help we had last year, especially in the fall, was amazing! For the fall

flea market, we had Adult Ed folks help setting up the boutique and lots of people

help unpacking boxes and clean up. As always, the Boy Scouts were a huge help

bringing down items and taking them back up to the loft. The day of the sale, we

had so much help that it almost felt overstaffed. All our hard work has paid off! In

addition to using flea market funds to pay for the new carpet that was installed in

the Friendship Room, in 2021, Session voted recently to use flea market money to

help fund some youth and mission programs. Whether you donated items, helped

with set up, soup making, baking, cashiering, clean up or prayed for success, it all

added up to great results and we THANK YOU!!


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