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BHCC Green Grocers

A FANTASTIC mission project that Bower Hill has been doing for over 25 years needs a couple of volunteers. Every Sunday, after church, a member of the BHCC "Green Grocers" team goes to the Giant Eagle Market District in Bethel Park, picks up produce that the good folks at Giant Eagle have set aside for us and delivers it to the SHIM office in Bethel Park, about 5 miles away. The entire process takes about 1-1.5 hours. There is some lifting of boxes and it's helpful to have an SUV vehicle. We are looking for someone to be responsible for one Sunday per month. Several of our team have had to step aside for a while, so we need help. If you are interested in this project that not only brings food to those in need, but also helps to reduce food waste, please call Dave Hicks at 412-427-6606 (cell) or 412-833-7753 (yes, we still have a land line).


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