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Bridges and Crossings


Jim Burke shared this painting and these thoughts with me privately. They were never meant to be published, but I pressured him to let me put them in the newsletter. At last he agreed. I hope you will feel free to share your own inspirational thoughts with me--with a possibility of my sharing them with the congregation.

Pastor Brian

Bridges and Crossings

Bridges connect; Bridges divide.

Some bridges are massive, some stationary.

Some bridges soar.

Some collapse.

Some bridges command attention.

Some bridges disappear.

Some bridges are a thing;

Others are a thought.

Some bridges are a smile;

Others are a frown.

Some bridges say ‘Yes’; others say ‘No’.

A few suggest ‘Maybe’.

Some bridges welcome;

Some stand in warning.

All bridges are crossings.

Some we cross one way; some the other.

Most both ways.

Some crossings scare;

Others crossings quiet.

Some crossings are from black to white; others are from white to black;

A few crossings are transparent.

A few crossings allow us to return.

All crossings have a before;

All crossings have an after.

Some have a now.

Some crossings we plan;

Other crossings just happen.

Crossings can be forever.

Are all bridges crossings?

Are all crossings bridges?

P.S. Is Bower Hill Community Church a bridge or a crossing?

Recently, completion of this painting caught me by surprise and caused me to reflect on the city of bridges that I came to fifty-nine years ago. Jim


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