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Flea Market Report and Collection

Flea Market News-Two broken records in 2023 and collection for spring 2024

Easter is early this year, which means the Spring Flea Market is quickly approaching! In order to work with the Montessori schedule, we’ve been holding the spring flea market the day before Palm Sunday which puts this spring’s flea market on March 23! If you plan on doing some spring cleaning this year, please start bringing items sooner rather than later, so that we have lots of items to offer our shoppers!

But, before then, there are a few updates that the Flea Market Committee would like to share with you.

A couple of weeks after the spring flea market we shared the results of the spring flea market with you during the worship service. At the time, the grand total was a record setting $6,945! Shortly after that an anonymous donor contributed to bring the grand total to $7,000! Many thanks to that person (or couple or family) that made that donation!!

The fall flea market broke yet another record! And then, our anonymous donor struck again! He, she, or they (perhaps a person, a couple, or a family) likes seeing a nice round number for the flea market total so after their donation we made $7,200!! (See “doctored” picture featuring Chloe Snyder and 4 of the Gray children for the official reveal.)

With two record setting flea markets in 2023, it goes without saying that 2023 was a record setting year! The total funds brought in from both flea markets was an astounding $14,200!

Over the years, flea market funds have been used for projects large and small such as lights in Fellowship Hall, an updated assistive hearing sound system in the Sanctuary, and new carpeting in the Friendship Room. The most recent use of flea market funds happened early in 2023 when flea market funds were used to purchase new cushions and throw pillows for the “This End Up” furniture in Room 105, and a new freezer in the kitchen.

Because we haven’t been spending a lot of flea market money over the last few years, there has been a buildup of flea market funds. As you may remember, during the 2023 pledge drive, it was mentioned that the Finance Committee and Buildings and Grounds Committee have been identifying larger projects around the church that need to be addressed. The buildup of funds for the flea market will be able to take care of at least one of the projects. We look forward to working with both committees to find the best use of flea market funds in the (hopefully) near future.

As always, the Flea Market Committee thanks everyone for the contributions the congregation has made over the years to make the BHCC flea markets so successful. It requires many people to make the flea markets so successful. It requires people to donate items and to donate their time to help set up, work the day of the sale, and help clean up. It requires people to bake treats and make soup for the snack bar. It requires members to shop or tell their friends to come shop. And most importantly, it requires prayers for continued success!

Flea Market Collection:

Collection for the spring flea market is in full swing! Because the spring flea market is early this year (March 23rd) it’s super important to get items to us early so that we have a wide array of items for our shoppers!

Please do not bring large furniture, if it doesn’t fit in an SUV, it’s too big. PLEASE do not include clothes or old TVs (HD flat screens in working condition are okay). All items must be clean and in working condition.

Items can be dropped off in the Narthex (by the office) Monday through Friday during office hours. On Sundays items can be left by the door across from Fellowship Hall that takes you to the loft where we price (if you are able, we invite you to bring items directly up to the loft).

If you have any questions or need any help transporting or bringing in items, please contact Theresa Child at

(412) 429-9519 or at


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