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Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh (HARP) Collections Update

The Mission Committee is pleased that Jim Burke has volunteered to coordinate delivery of all the items church members and friends have been donating to benefit the animals at HARP. In reviewing what has been collected and delivered so far, we wanted to share with you how these donations are being used.

Newspapers -- Are used to line cages and pet visitation areas. And as newspapers continue to fade from our doorstep each morning, these contributions are becoming ever more valuable! The full size pages from the newspapers are wanted in particular. You can keep those one-page slick sheets with the Arby's coupons, and put those in your regular recycling.

Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cereal boxes and tissue boxes -- And what do you think HARP uses these for? "Enrichment" time -- also described as play time for the animals. Small critters can run through the tubes, and have fun getting inside and peeking out of the boxes. We are asked however, not to break down the boxes, or crush the tubes. Kinda defeats the purpose!

Hand towels and bath towels -- If you have towels that you are planning to get rid of, please consider donating them to HARP. They too are used to line cages at times, and used to comfort and cuddle new arrivals. Often they are scented with essential oils in order to calm pets. Please no items with pulls or frays that could encourage an animal to chew or scratch or otherwise destroy your gift.

It is clear from the many donations that have been contributed that there is great interest in seeing items we would generally throw away or recycle being used for another helpful purpose. Keep up the good work!!

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