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IRU Team Update

Message from Mission Committee and Immigration, Refugee,

and Undocumented Persons Team (IRU Team)

The IRU Team met on January 18, 2023, to follow-up on the Borderlinks Training that a number of us took in October 2022. One of the issues discussed was how can we assist organizations in our area that work with immigrants. The organization that has recently asked for volunteers is Casa San Jose, however, another group that works with immigrants that Bower Hill is actively involved with is SHIM.

While not directly related to our work, we also discussed the need for volunteers within our church by helping with our youth (check with Amy Grella on the need).

No matter who you may be interested in volunteering with, you need to get clearances from the state. It is easier if you do it online. Below are the links to the Pa.Gov pages for the clearances you need for Casa San Jose and SHIM. Or you can go to their websites to find the links to the clearances by checking their information on volunteering.

If interested in working with our youth, check with Amy about which clearances are required.

There are some fees involved with getting the clearances. If you need help with the fees, Bower Hill can assist you through the Mission Facilitation Fund. Contact Jean Miewald for more details.

If you have any questions, check with any member of IRU Team (Linda James-chair, Betsy Hohlfelder, Darenda Lease, Sarah Neusius and Theresa Child). And if you sign up as a volunteer, please let us know which organization you are volunteering with. We would love to recognize our volunteers.


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