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Get Outdoors - Dead Man's Hollow - July 1, 2023

On July 1, 2023, a group of 3 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked one of the trials in Dead Man’s Hollow. There was a little rain as we left the parking lot but the forecast looked like there would be a window that would allow us to get our hike in. As we arrived at the parking lot in Boston, the sky was clear with just a few clouds. We hiked about a mile down the GAP trail where we found the entrance to Dead Man’s Hollow. Almost immediately we can upon the walls of 100 year old pipe factory covered with graffiti. As we started down the trail, we saw remnants of broken terracotta pipe on the ground. After a short walk, we turned onto the Witch Hazel Trail and climbed the Enchanted Staircase. That should have been a clue that a significant ascent up a hill awaited us. At the top, we walked the trail which is a loop along the ridge. The return down the hill was much easier than the trip up. Returning on the GAP trail, about 5 minutes from the parking lot we got drenched with rain. But getting soaked was worth the price of admission to Dead Man’s Hollow.


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