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SHIM Garden Harvest Update

The fall harvest has come to a close for the SHIM Garden in 2023. Overall, it was a very plentiful year and we give thanks for the bounty that came from the garden. We donated over 6,150 peppers for a total of 206 pounds to needy families looking for fresh produce and spicy peppers!!! I can’t tell you how appreciative the folks at SHIM were.

It truly takes a village to tend to the garden all year long. Many thanks to all those who helped get the garden ready, successfully kept out the groundhogs, purchased pepper plants, and planted, watered, harvested and tended to the garden from April through October.

Our gardeners included the following: Steve Boisvert, Betsy Hohlfelder, Phil Neusius, Glenn Child, Linda James, Sarah Neusius, Cynthia Gissin, Tim Lease, Ruth Robbins,

Amy Grella, Connie May, Rich Salvante, Dick Headle,y Dave May, Lynn Sirinek, Christine Henney, Jean Miewald, and Brian Snyder.

We look forward to resting for the next five months and anticipate another successful planting next Spring.

Alan Hohlfelder


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