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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - April 2021

The old old saying is “April showers bring May flowers”. Now, I don’t pretend for a moment to be a gardener. The only thing I buy in the garden section is pots to put things in that are already mature. However, in this post-Easter season, it is deemed to be a season to celebrate new life.

During the pandemic, it has been difficult to celebrate Spring as it has been in the past. Last year, we were locked down and perhaps did not get to witness first-hand the blooming plants, the longer days, and the warmer weather. Hopefully, this year will grant us more freedom to experience the new birth that accompanies our spring and summer months.

For the church, there has also been an absence of celebration in experiencing the joy of fellowship and a robust resurrection season. However, this should not stop us from experiencing a personal renewal. We are to become new creatures in the spirit of the Christ. We must celebrate our renewal in the affirmation of the Easter experience of resurrection and new beginnings in the knowledge of redemption. May it be so with all of us!

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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