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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - February 2023


Following the decorations and excitement of the Christmas season there can be a time of sadness, depression and grayness. Even the church experiences a time of quiet leading up to the introspection of Lent. Many of us do not do well without activity and

goals to enliven and challenge us. Sometimes it may feel like how my grandsons feel, when even though they have so many opportunities, they say, “I’m bored.”

There are so many opportunities at Bower Hill Community Church to challenge us and engage our talents. Ushers, greeters, coffee hosts, youth workers, committee members, all are needs that are ongoing. If none of these interest you, think of some ability you

have and ask how it can be used in ministry. A phone call a day to someone can not only benefit the person you call, but you as well. Turn these gray days into sunshine as you respond to God’s call to community .

~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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