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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - February 2024

This year Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day are the same day! What a coincidence that the day focused on the theme of love is on the day that leads us into the season of Lent. Often, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is filled with a focus on a romantic theme complete with roses and candy. However, the concept of love is so much broader than this. The actions of St. Valentine were recorded as providing ministry to persecuted Christians from a deep commitment of love for others.

As a caring community, how will we make this day special by showing our love for others? As we approach this holiday, can each of us focus on an extra special way in which our love for one another can be demonstrated? One thing I believe is much neglected is writing a note (not an email) to someone and expressing both our concern for them, as well as telling them how very much they mean to us. Why not plan now and write at least three notes in the manner in which St. Valentine expressed love as concern for others.


~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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