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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - July & August 2021

Summer is a time of vacations. The tradition has been to take a break from the everyday routine and leave home for a relaxing time. However, often the journey to arrive at that relaxing place has been a bit tense. The escapade often begins with packing. The trick was to achieve at a balance between too much to take and not enough of the essentials.

As usually the driver, cramming everything in, including the kids, was enough to raise the blood pressure. Then before the days of GPS, reviewing the maps and the routes was also a challenge. Often the roads were not clearly marked and making U-turns only provided frustration. This was exacerbated by the need to arrive as soon as possible. Upon arrival it always took time to relax from the journey.

Our life’s journey can mirror some of this experience. We become so goal-oriented that we miss the beauty and experiences along the path we have chosen. Whatever destination we have chosen becomes so paramount that we are never willing to take any side trips.

As followers of the Christ, perhaps we should really let him lead so we can fully enjoy and experience the beauty of the people and places along the path.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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