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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - July/August 2022

We live in a world of reminders. The alarm clock reminds us it is time to get out of bed. Our microwave sends out a tone to let us know our food is done. Alexa or some other smart electronic device sets a timer to remind us to do something with supper, or to tell the little ones it is time for bed. The old fashioned paper calendar or the electronic one on our phone reminds us when to send a birthday or anniversary card. Even at church we are reminded to stand when we hear the opening notes of the hymn.

We may remember things without the prompting of all these gadgets. However, it does make life easier to know that we can depend on being reminded. So, who or what reminds us, God is always present. Throughout the Bible there are numerous times that God provides a reminder he is still around and cares. Sometimes it is very dramatic like a flood or a plague of locust. Other moments it is a still small voice or a gust of wind. What reminds you of God’s presence?

This summer when we are out on the patio there are so many things. The beauty of flowers in bloom and the chirping of birds are unmistakable reminders. Yet, the most beautiful is the breeze that causes our wind chime to send out its soothing melody. It is not only a reminder of His presence, but also an affirmation of the peace that he seeks for all of us. Keep thinking and keep being reminded.

~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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