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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - July/August 2024

What does it mean to ponder? The dictionary defines it as “to think about something carefully”.” I have noticed that in our current dependence on electronic communication, real pondering occurs less and less. Frequently, I find myself sending emails that have words changed in them so as to make their meaning confusing. Also, I receive texts that ask me what I think and seem to be insistent on an immediate response. I don't think I am incorrect when I confess that stopping to really think about something occurs less and less.

As we approach this summer, I would like to offer a challenge to you. I would like you to consider what Bower Hill Community Church means to you. How has it been significant in your faith journey as well as your everyday life? What does the weekly worship experience mean to you? Are there ways in which the church could be more important in your life? These are all topics to spend some time really pondering. I would love to get the results of your ponderings!

Please write to me, email me or just tell me in person. Ponder it!!


~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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