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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - June 2022

Sometimes people offer to help us in many ways. Not wanting to put anyone out, we often decline their help and do it ourselves. I have often not only observed this in others, but admittedly have been the one to stubbornly reject any assistance. We act this way in an effort to not be a burden to others. However, do we ever consider how it may feel to have help rejected.

As we struggle to be more of a community rather than individuals, we need to be mindful of the gift it is to allow others into our lives. There is an incredible joy in being able to help another as minor an act as it may be.

My then four-year-old grandson wanted to help me fix a step. Initially I rejected his offer and I could see his little lip begin to tremble. I offered him an opportunity to hand me the screws I needed. His smiled broadened and I knew I had given him a gift beyond words.

As Brian leaves on his sabbatical, he was reluctant to “burden me” with duties while he was gone. It was only after we discussed this openly that he realized the gift he had given me. I hope in the next three months you will continue to allow me the gift of giving!

~ Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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