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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - June 2024

June is a time when we think of being outdoors, cooking on the grill and in general relaxing. So many to-dos go away. Organizations don’t meet, school is out and the pace of things seems to slow down. Of course, it is also a time when we seem to be more concerned about the weather so that we can enjoy many outdoor activities.

A few days ago, I sat on our patio and just took in the sights. I watched a robin splash around in the bird bath. A rather large squirrel sat on the fence, hung upside down and got a drink from the fountain. And, before long a chipmunk scurried across the floor and stopped and checked me out to see if he should continue or turn around. I was reminded of the hymn, “All Creatures Great and Small, the Lord God Made Them All.” Enjoy the beauty of the earth that has been created by the Almighty!


~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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