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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - March 2021

Lent has always been a downtime in the life of the church. Many traditions will not permit weddings, baptisms, or any other rite that would be of a celebratory nature. It is to be a season of introspection and spiritual renewal. In past years, the messages have been that of pausing our busy lives to reflect and deepen our commitment to the faith.

Lent 2021 will be much different, as the pandemic has set a different tone. In 2020, we were forced to reassess daily routines, abandon our busy agendas, and refocus on sometimes stressful new adventures. The normal has been redefined! Amid the current reality, what could this season be for us?

As Jesus preached to a time of tension and anxiety, the people were seeking him to change the normal of that time. They wanted to rid themselves of the fear of the Roman occupation and the compromised message of their religious hierarchy. The message of Jesus was for them to regain hope by deepening their relationships with each other and redefining the definition of neighbor. There are so many similarities to our concerns today.

Let us reread His messages today and understand with fresh eyes how His love for all impacts us today.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate


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