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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - November 2021

The month of November is packed full of so many themes and images. We immediately think of Thanksgiving and a time of harvest. Years ago the theme of “In Gathering” meant a time to bring to church nonperishables to distribute to nursing homes and the less fortunate. It was also a time to can vegetables and stockpile items for a cold winter ahead.

For the church, it was the end of the church year. It was time to look forward to the beginning of a new year that would start with advent. Seemingly every committee and group ramped up for special events and activities.

It was also a time to celebrate All Saints’ Day: the time to remember the people we loved that had passed on to the church triumphant. Hopefully, those remembrances included an acknowledgement of the way those individuals had helped to shape our faith.

In November 2021 let us look forward to opportunities to enhance our relationships with others, to give thanks for the gift of memory and share our abundance

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